Bloomberg Businessweek ranks IU Kelley School's undergraduate program fourth

  • April 19, 2016


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Indiana University's Kelley School of Business continued its climb in Bloomberg Businessweek’s rankings of undergraduate programs, moving to fourth overall and No. 1 among all public universities.

This is the sixth consecutive time Kelley’s undergraduate program has risen in the rankings. The school has been ranked in the Top 20 for the nine-year history of the Bloomberg Businessweek survey and has risen by 16 positions since 2009.

The publication announced Friday that it will no longer publish undergraduate rankings after this year.

Kelley School Dean Idalene “Idie” Kesner said that while it’s always gratifying to be recognized as a top program by others, students and parents must keep in mind that rankings alone are a shortcut to a decision that deserves extensive consideration.

“What it really comes down to is fit. Kelley has a very personalized program and requires a certain drive and willingness to examine your weaknesses and push yourself out of your comfort zone,” said Kesner, who also holds the Frank P. Popoff Chair of Strategic Management.

“It’s a rigorous program, but students who have the talent to succeed, the humility to grow and the tenacity to persevere will do well here, and they’ll benefit from one of the top career services offices in the country,” Kesner added.

Among the factors contributing to the Kelley School’s success are the undergraduate program’s curriculum -- particularly Kelley Compass, an intensive "student talent management system" for personal and professional development based on the corporate world. Another factor is the program's emphasis on creating a transformational student experience both in and out of the classroom, ensuring student facility with global business, ethics and critical thinking.

Major investments in facilities also have been key to the school’s success. A $66 million renovation and expansion of Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center provided additional classroom and gathering space to serve an increasing enrollment, as well as research and teaching labs and a stock trading room. Soon, construction will begin on a career services center adjacent to Hodge Hall.

Kelley continues to rank highly among corporate recruiters, ranking No. 1 among all public universities and fourth overall.

Bloomberg Businessweek’s survey was based on responses from 27,327 seniors and alumni graduating from 114 business schools between December 2015 and June 30. The ranking was based on four metrics: an employer survey, which accounted for 40 percent of the score; a student survey, which accounted for 35 percent; starting salary information, 15 percent; and percentage of graduates who had an internship, 10 percent.

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Idalene Kesner

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