Resources for Journalists

Faculty experts and campus resources are available to help the media provide important information to the public, whether reports involve breaking news, interesting trends or novel research. The IU Bloomington News and Media team can help provide access to campus newsmakers, news releases and multimedia resources such as an on-campus broadcast studio and audio sound bites.

To contact the main desk, please call: 812-855-3911 or email The News and Media team is located at 517 E. Kirkwood Ave., Von Lee 200, Bloomington, IN 47408.

Help with your story

If you are coming to the Bloomington campus

  • Campus map and directions
  • Parking - Media who wish to visit the campus can avoid parking violation citations by using a pay facility, parking at a meter or obtaining a visitor parking permit. To obtain a visitor parking permit, call 812-855-3911. More information about available parking garages and parking meters can be found at the Office of Parking Operations.
  • Access to Wi-Fi - Journalists can obtain temporary access to wireless Internet while visiting the IU campus. A Network Access account will provide access to the wireless network.
  • Policies regarding journalists on campus - As a state institution, IU is open to all members of the media at all times; members of the media are expected to follow campus parking rules and other regulations. Journalists are encouraged to contact the News and Media team before conducting interviews or filming footage; staff can make the newsgathering process easier by providing access to campus buildings and newsmakers and by providing parking accommodations. The media must contact our office first before entering classrooms or dormitories, unless a specific faculty member has granted a journalist permission to visit his or her classroom. Our team also can provide appropriate location agreements for broadcast interviews.
  • Photos - To request a photo, please contact a media specialist or Chris Meyer, director of Visual and Audio Services.
  • To speak to an IU student or faculty member, call 812-855-3911 or contact a media specialist.
  • Where to stay and eat