IU Health Center evacuated after gas leak Wednesday

  • Sept. 12, 2013

By Abby Tonsing

The IU Health Center was evacuated as a safety precaution after construction workers struck a gas line this morning.

Bloomington firefighters were called to the IU Health Center, at 600 N. Jordan Ave., for a report of a gas leak at 9:04 a.m. Indiana University police officers and loss prevention officers also responded to the scene.

 A construction crew doing excavation work near the health center hit a gas line, according to Sgt. Brandon Hudson of the Bloomington Fire Department.

The IU Health Center was evacuated before a crew of firefighters checked four floors to see if gas had gotten inside of the building. “No gas was ever found inside the building,” Hudson said. “No hazard at all.”

A Vectren crew arrived to turn off the gas.

Hudson commended the efforts of everyone inside the IU Health Center. “It was a very smooth evacuation,” he said.

Firefighters also checked the perimeter of the health center and checked the building a second time before people were allowed back inside. Firefighters left the scene in an hour.

Editor's note: This story from The Bloomington Herald-Times is being published here as a courtesy for readers of IU in the News.