IU Bloomington Energy Challenge kicks off Monday

  • Oct. 9, 2015


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Indiana University Bloomington's Energy Challenge, a biannual competition to conserve energy and water, begins Monday, Oct. 12, and will run until Nov. 9.

In its inaugural season in 2008, the challenge included only 10 residence halls. Now, 69 buildings have registered, leading challenge organizers to split the buildings into six categories: small academic buildings, large academic buildings, sorority houses, fraternity houses, residence halls and apartment housing complexes.  

The Fall Energy Challenge was developed to observe the impact of the competition on student, faculty and staff behavior throughout the year and to encourage conservation of both water and electricity. On average, academic buildings and residence halls consumed below previously established baselines, suggesting that the Energy Challenge alters behavior beyond the four weeks of the competition.

“The IU Energy Challenge is the largest single-campus energy and water competition in the country,” said Bill Brown, Indiana University director of sustainability. “What's even more impressive is that the lessons learned and the savings persist long after the competition is over.”

To date, the Energy Challenge program has saved a total of 4.8 million kWh of electricity and 16 million gallons of water. Along with these conservation savings, the program has saved the university over $1.2 million since its inception.

The initiative has drawn attention and supporting from Indiana University’s top administrators, including IU President Michael A. McRobbie.

"I commend all those who are assisting our efforts to do the right thing in reducing consumption of natural resources and hence reduce IU’s expenses,” McRobbie said Tuesday in his State of the University address.

The Energy Challenge is one of many ongoing sustainability initiatives at Indiana University. To learn more about sustainability-related programming and events, visit the IU Office of Sustainability website. For more information about the challenge and tips for conserving energy and water, visit the IU Energy Challenge website

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Staff and students gather near the Sample Gates for the presentation of awards from the 2014 Energy Challenge.

Staff and students gather near the Sample Gates for the presentation of awards from the 2014 Energy Challenge.

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