IU McKinney School of Law weekly brownbag events will feature faculty and guest speakers

  • Aug. 29, 2013

INDIANAPOLIS -- Next month the IU Robert H. McKinney School of Law will begin a weekly series of brown bag luncheons featuring law school faculty discussing topics related to their areas of expertise.

The brown bag luncheons are open to all law school students and faculty. IUPUI students, faculty and others outside the McKinney School of Law may also attend, if space permits. Interested people should contact professor Max Huffman at 317-274-8009 to determine space availability.

All events will be held in the law school’s Faculty Lounge, Room 351 in Inlow Hall, unless otherwise announced.

September colloquium events are:

Sept. 3: Nicholas Georgakopoulos teaches courses in corporate, securities and bankruptcy law and is an internationally recognized expert in those fields. His work has been cited by courts including the U.S. Supreme Court. Georgakopoulos will be discussing his research on financial crises.

Sept. 10: Professor Janet Moore of the University of Cincinnati will be speaking as part of the McKinney School’s junior faculty exchange program. Moore is an expert in criminal law and procedure, with emphases on capital defense and criminal justice reform research and advocacy.

Sept. 17: Gerard Magliocca teaches courses in torts, constitutional law, intellectual property, legal history and admiralty. He is the author of three books published by leading university presses and nearly two dozen law review articles.

Sept. 24: Yvonne Dutton is an expert in international criminal law and human rights issues, having published a book and several articles on these topics. She teaches courses in international criminal law, evidence, criminal law and criminal procedure.

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